The Sacred Book

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Old World's Memoir

The father and his son walked along the Broken Lands, the seeds of days past floating through the air.

And the son said: "Father, you said that you would tell me more today."
And the father nodded and said: "I did."

And he told him this tale.

The days were numbered now, Ayantakliquethre'ateefser having gained true agelessness. He was now not only beyond death, but beyond time itself. Which led to the hubris of the gods to grow. The god of time and the Lord that Lurks Below grew impatient with one another, and as their disagreements grew so did their conflicts.

The Lord of Strife, Avlon the Blue, watched with joy as the gods began to fight. He celebrated as the gods killed men off left and right, and Ayantakliquethre'ateefser sought to end the fighting and to restore order. Avlon opposed him, and Ayantakliquethre'ateefser tried to convince Avlon to stop the fighting.

But Avlon would not.

So Ayantakliquethre'ateefser seeked out Avlon's brother Tet, the Master of Peace. Tet lived on the top of a high mountain where there was silence and peace all about, allowing for meditation and truth seeking. Tet agreed after some time to help Ayantakliquethre'ateefser, and went with him to talk to Avlon.

But it was too late.

The father walked with his son, the two silent as they carried on.
The boy knew what had happened. The old gods had ravaged the world.

They came upon a forest though, one from before the death of the old world and the birth of this new one. And in that forest came the Forest Guide, that devilish being of safe keeping. And they were thus home, in the forest that held all life. The Forest Guide asked them if they had found what they had sought, but they had not.

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